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Health and Fitness - Words That Steer You Away from Wellness
February 2, 2012
by Ron Blake
There are many ways to get to your health and fitness goals in life. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of obstacles that can keep you away from your dreams of achieving those goals.

Most people never quite reach their ultimate fitness destinations, and five enemies of wellness have claimed responsibility.

Meet the culprits.

1. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow … Have you noticed that tomorrow never comes? Lead the way with today!

2. Distractions, distractions … look over there! It’s another distraction! But overcoming distractions is not hocus pocus. Find some focus!

3. Lack of structure … but you know how to fix this one! Build structure into your routine. Be the man and make a plan!

4. Alone. It’s hard to get motivated all by yourself. Try finding a partner to join you in getting healthier. … It might be Cal or even Sal -- just find a trusty workout pal!

5. Fear, fear and more fear. It might be fear of failure, fear of success … who knows where your fears might lead you? But scary moments came and went. Look to the future and be confident!

Words can cut through your resolve to pursue wellness like a knife. The words today, focus, plan, pal, and confident, however, can hack out a clear path to improving your well-being this year. Sharpen your knives carefully, and get moving to a healthier way of living.

This health and fitness article is brought to you by that guy with a corn-cob pipe and a cute-as-a-button nose. That jolly happy soul is Ron Blake and you can throw snowballs his way at
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The Tenth Voice

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