Help stock SAVE Inc.’s Closet

December 12, 2006

Out There is teaming up with SAVE, Inc. to bring holiday cheer to families and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Bring items from the Holiday Wish List or cash donations into Out There to help. […]

Great American Trash at the Unicorn

December 10, 2006

Writing reviews for Unicorn Theatre shows is tricky business. Unicorn shows are usually controversial and not necessarily for all audiences. After all, the season opener was about child torture and fratricide. […]

Camping Out in Kansas City – December

December 2, 2006

HAPPENINGS AROUND TOWN Well, Halloween in Kansas City certainly lived up to the name “Gay Christmas”! This reporter roved from Missie B’s to Buddies to Sharp’s and back again. I took so many pictures my […]

Carlos Fernandez on Bravo TV’s TOP CHEF

December 2, 2006

In our travels all over the country we are fortunate to meet many wonderful and exciting people. A few years ago in Florida we met Carlos Fernandez and Chuck Smith, life partners who are co-owners of the Hi-Life Cafe, a very upscale restaurant at 3000 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. […]

Sex Talk – Speaking of Mostly Straight Men

December 2, 2006

“I have a girlfriend,” says a stocky, handsome man in his late 30s, “but every once in a while, I like to get screwed, and a dildo just won’t do.” He’s one of the multitude of men who are more or less het, but mess around with other guys every once in a while. […]

Creating Change Conference a great success!

December 2, 2006

The Nineteenth Annual Creating Change Conference touched down in Kansas City, November 8-12, 2006. Sue Hyde, Creating Change Conference Director reports that “ It was a whopper of a gathering, with 2000 attendees over the five days of the program.” […]

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