Ask Francine – Wit Escapes Me…It Must be a Curse

November 17, 2007

Being a celebrity columnist is a curse. It really is, heathens. As one of the nation?s leading Christians, I have a duty to lead you all into the Light, and as I follow the path of that shriveled little Mother Teresa, I imagine she would have had a Web site like mine ( to archive her cute and clever columns. […]

Ask Francine -The Whine of the Race Cars the Feel of Real Pearls

November 3, 2007

I just carried my trash can to the curb in front of my handsome Loch Lloyd manse (I am a pioneer woman) and bumped into my next-door neighbor, Christian construction magnate Roe Messner. He?s the widower of Tammy Faye, whom I accidentally killed with my tuna surprise casserole a few months ago. […]

Sacred Paths – Unjust Judgment From La Raza

November 3, 2007

Suppose that a denomination, not gay-friendly, is planning to have its national church convention here. Then a local homophobic minister makes an issue of the fact that the city has a domestic-partnership policy and that some city employees are gay. […]

Lesbian Notions ? A Family Affair

November 3, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished.
That is certainly the case for Michael Gregg Valdez and Michael Oberg, who took in the four young children of Valdez?s niece. The niece asked the couple to take care of her children while she dealt with some drug-related criminal matters. […]