The Camp 10 – Jessica Cox

February 3, 2011

Welcome to February, a month filled with love due to a clever marketing scheme. Whilst we gaily hold hands and make nice with those we hold dear to a very valuable organ (or several of them), I’m also reminded of how swell it is to have people on my side of the fence who aren’t quite on my side of the fence. […]

Out of Town – San Antonio, Texas

February 3, 2011

Although it draws more visitors than any other city in Texas, San Antonio has always been a little less pronounced as a gay destination than Austin, Dallas, and Houston. […]

Her Grief Yields Help for Others

February 3, 2011

Kansas City Hospice gave M. Susan Sanders support during her
partner�s illness and after her passing. In turn, Sanders is supporting the formation of an LGBT grief group. […]

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