KC Pride Celebration Keeps Getting Worse

To the editor:
My first Pride in Kansas City was 2009 at the Liberty Memorial. I have been to every Pride since, and each year the Pride that Kansas City puts on gets worse and worse — this year being the absolute worst!
After Pride was moved from Liberty Memorial, it took place at the riverfront. I recall that year’s Pride very clearly because it was SO hot and there were no trees around to shield the Pride-goers from Mother Nature’s wrath. However, everyone stayed and took the heat because there were places to relax and hang out for the day.
In 2011 and 2012, Pride was moved to the Power & Light District. Now I’m clearly speaking for myself here. I’ve only been to the Power & Light District once since moving back to Kansas City, and that was nearly three years ago. Why on earth should Pride be held at such a pretentious location?! That year I tracked down the president of Pride (or perhaps he wasn’t the president — I’m not too sure). However, he told me that the LGBT community had voted to have Pride held at Power & Light. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
Fast-forward to this year’s Pride. I look forward to Pride every year, and every year since 2009, Kansas City has disappointed!
Kansas City has roughly 400,000 people, and the “Pride” that took place this year was better off not taking place at all.
The Kansas City Diversity Coalition used the excuse that they only had three months to plan for Pride. I’m sorry, but Pride is something that has taken place for decades, and in June 2000, President Bill Clinton even declared June as “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month.” So the fact that the Kansas City Diversity Coalition is using the excuse that they only had three months to plan is preposterous. They should state the truth and say, “We didn’t start planning UNTIL three months before Pride.” Not that they didn’t have time TO plan.
I took my heterosexual neighbor to Pride with my girl and I this year, and his response was, “That’s it?” and then he proceeded to laugh. We attended this so-called Pride for about an hour and then left because we were so disappointed!
The Kansas City Diversity Coalition has used excuse after excuse as to why they couldn’t have put on a reputable Pride. In the world of social media, there is no reason as to why they couldn’t have gathered more volunteers to help with the event.
This year’s Pride left something to be desired. I am hopeful that next year, they will have plenty of time to plan!
Shanna Butler
North Kansas City, Mo.