Nearby Cities Offer Examples to Improve KC Pride Celebration

To the editor:
A few years ago, we spent much of the summer traveling to Pride celebrations throughout the United States. We were impressed that other Midwestern cities celebrate LGBT history and culture in a big way. Nearby St. Louis, with a population of approximately 318,000, as well as Milwaukee, with a population of nearly 599,000, have celebrations that equal those held in larger cities. The Milwaukee PrideFest has included entertainment such as Joan Rivers, Cyndi Lauper, Wanda Sykes, Patti LaBelle and Kathy Griffin. To create successful celebrations, the LGBT business, social and civic leaders of those cities must work together, showing everyone that we are determined, united and strong in the mission to obtain legal and social equality.
Shouldn’t Kansas City, which has a population of about 463,000, have a Pride celebration that equals those of St.Louis and Milwaukee? To begin rebuilding the magnitude and impact of our Pride celebration, first it should be recognized that we must have unity for our opponents to take us seriously. Second, an organized group of Kansas City LGBT business, social and civic leaders should contact the organizers of larger celebrations to learn how they are successful.
A community where more of us are comfortable gathering at a Pride celebration that we are proud of provides business leaders with a larger customer base and subsequently more profits. In addition, through awareness, it provides civil and social organizations with access to increased funding through donations and volunteer participation. Contact information regarding the St. Louis and Milwaukee Pride celebrations, as well as others, is easily found on the Internet.
Festival Fans