Hind Hariri prepares for the signing ceremony of the novel “Isra Muharib” at the book fair

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Saudi author Hind Hariri is preparing for the signing ceremony of his new novel “Istara Muharib” at the 2023 Cairo International Book Fair, published and distributed by the Arab Writers Foundation.

Author Hind Hariri said about his novel: It is a novel of suspense, mystery and excitement. A distinguished officer who received several military units with distinction and whose events revolve on his wall. Under mysterious circumstances, he is surprised to be accused of premeditated murder. Investigation proves him to be empty.
A bullet from his Miri weapon was found at the scene of the crime, he was dismissed from military service, sentenced to life imprisonment, elected military punishment in his absence, and subsequently illegally imprisoned. The mysterious secrets inside the prison, the fact that it is a fake prison is illegal and it is managed for the benefit of the suspects and activities, remembering everything and reliving the incidents.

After a few days in prison, the protagonist of his novel plans a mysterious escape that confuses the investigators, and after his escape, he plans to take revenge on everyone in prison, and he refuses. Surrender, skilfully avoiding all puzzles and obstacles, use a cunning trick to reach the mastermind of the gang, and the novel continues in the series The events are divided into several parts, whose events oscillate between mystery and surprise.

About this year’s Cairo International Book Fair, he said: This year’s book fair is very well organized and interesting, and a large number of visitors have flocked to it, and it is a fun one, especially since the pioneers are mostly young people.

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Notably, Hind Hariri is a Saudi writer and novelist who holds a degree in World Literature from Harvard University, a Diploma in Content Creation and Writing from American University, and a Diploma in Journalism and Media from the Center for International Diplomacy.
and a Diploma in Eurasian International Law and Conflict Resolution dedicated to preparing Arab women leaders internationally and regionally.

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