I don’t care what was said about “Mutatakshi”.

His first film work participated in one of the important competitions at the Venice Film Festival, and also participated in the official competition of the Cairo International Film Festival, and won the Special Jury Prize. He has been involved in many television works since his childhood, prominent ones being “Munawara Be Ahla”, “Men Kal”, “Asia” and “Against The Break”, but the movie “My Girlfriend” was a different experience. Young actress Ilham Safi Al-Din confirmed this in her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, pointing out her family’s support and how happy she was in all her artistic endeavors.

Elham Safideen

* How do you see the movie “En Ndan”?

** The first Egyptian short film to enter the official competition at the Venice festival, I couldn’t attend because I was busy shooting a new artwork, and I was happy with the reaction of my family and the festival management. This is the first film I have participated in in my short artistic career, so my feeling for it is indescribable, especially after winning the Special Jury Prize at the Cairo Film Festival. This film is the reason for my decision to continue my artistic career. I am very proud to participate in the Cairo Film Festival and happy to receive the award, because we put in a lot of effort.

* Was the director Gauthar Younes the one who chose you for the film?

** It all happened by chance, I met the director Gauther Younes at a place and he asked me if I wanted to act with her, so I immediately agreed, he told me when I met him for the first time. In one of the special shows, she saw me and saw the way I cut my hair and she liked it, inspired me in the shape of the character, and in fact, I was offered the lead role, which I immediately accepted without thinking. .

From a movie poster "my friend"

Who is the poster of “En Ndan”?

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* Tell us about the scenes of the film and the preparations for it?

** The scenes were delicious, whimsical and very dangerous. Rehearsals for the production of the movie scenes lasted only for almost 6 months during the outbreak of Corona virus which made the shooting scenes very dangerous. Before preparing the character, I prepared myself so that I believe and believe in the idea of ​​​​the work, it appears on camera as real and not my first acting scene, so that the viewer feels the sincerity and tenderness of the film.

And all the crew believed that the film was good, but there was a fear that people would put the film into the framework of youth and gender and it would be rejected, or that I would be restricted to those roles. But the surprising thing is that the movie “My Girlfriend” managed to win awards, love and reception and great respect from the audience, whether it is Egyptian, Arab or international.

Elham Safideen

Elham Safideen

* Many people’s opinion about Muttukshi in the film?

** This is a scene similar to the other scenes I present in that it is primarily intended to communicate a situation, and I know conflict and many things will happen and be said, but I am very sure of what. I put it forward, and I’m very open to everyone having their say. But it doesn’t affect what I said about the kiss scene, because I know what the film is about and for me it makes a case like I said. The film reveals the real crises faced by the youth due to parental oppression and imposition. control over them, and reveals the catacombs of their social and psychological suffering. The lack of trust, security, love, respect between a family or between two lovers are many things that the audience can relate to, but the film also deals with things that are based on trend.

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How did your family react to the film and the scenes in it?

** I focused on the reactions from the circle around me, my family and friends, always standing by my side, which gave me a lot of confidence in myself. Their support gives me more strength.

With his aunt, the artist, Elham Shaheen

With his aunt, the artist, Elham Shaheen

* How do you see the term clean cinema?

** What is “pure cinema”? Every society has a certain culture, every people was brought up in ideas and taboos, a person grows up believing in something and cannot change it, this is normal, but I am not afraid, art cannot be controlled. Art is a feeling, we as humans control our thinking but we don’t have control over our feelings, I can’t say I have to present a certain feeling and situation, but there are constraints. Society should be open to art and its role, for me, I present everything, if I see a scene or something in the theatrical context, in the writing, in the message of the work, I will present it, but it is against the context, I will not present it.

* What is your relationship with your aunt star Elham Shaheen?

** My biggest support in life is her and my mother because I consider her as my second mother and ever since I told her that I will participate in an art production and act like that, she has been happy and proud of me. , she gave me a lot of support, and this support was important to me because it increased my strength and made me believe in my decisions, and she told me, “You have to choose the right one, and if you see that this is the right decision, I will help you, I will support you.” .”

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What do you think about his controversial statements?

** We talk a lot about the topics you talk about and sometimes argue. I do this out of fear for them because there are many things that not everyone can agree on. Everyone has a point of view as long as it doesn’t harm others. I love that she’s independent, strong, and clinging to vision, but at the same time, not everything is said. Not everyone gets things right, but she has reached a stage in her life where she is heard everywhere, which is a big responsibility and she deserves it. But even though I feel like I’ll be her copycat 10 years from now, there are things I want to say that I don’t need to talk to her about.

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